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December 2023

Year in Review

Pickleball Alberta looks back at the  events, tournaments, initiatives, and story lines that shaped our year.

  • Month-by-month graphical presentation of the Year in Review.
  • Pickleball Alberta ends year with 10,421 members, an 18% increase.
  • Total clubs affiliating with Pickleball Alberta grows to 40 clubs.
  • Year End Listing of all Alberta Referees and their levels.
  • Year End Listing of Alberta NCCP Coaches and their levels.
  • Season End Power Rankings listings for all age divisions.

October 2023

FAC: Rhonda Kozuska

Rhonda is the 10,000th member of Pickleball Alberta and a member of the St.Albert Pickleball Club.

  • Pickleball Alberta AGM – Annual General Meeting this Sunday, November 19th, 2023 at 1:00 PM MST in Red Deer at the Holiday Inn & Suites, Promenade Room.
  • History of Pickleball Alberta – The Path from 138 to 10,000
  • Total annual fee of $15.00 for Pickleball Alberta set October 1.
  • Meet the 2023-2025 Board of Director Candidates.
  • Founders and Builders of Pickleball Alberta
  • Growth of pickleball throughout the province

September 2023

FAC: Kirk Jensen

Kirk is the second President of Pickleball Alberta (2020-2023), 10th President of Pickleball Canada (2021), builder at the provincial and national levels.

  • Pickleball Alberta AGM – Annual General Meeting Sunday, November 19th, 2023
  • Five Pickleball Alberta Directors completing terms and stepping down.
  • NCCP Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Clinics announced for end of November.
  • CNPL completes Western Swing through Edmonton.
  • Pickleball Alberta sends out hiring post for Executive Director position.
  • Power Rankings for Junior divisions are up and there are some new names on the list!
  • Edmonton and area gets another first class indoor dedicated pickleball facility!
  • Pickleball in Alberta is in the news with interviews from from north to south!

August 2023

FAC: Walter Carlyle

Walter is the 2022 Volunteer of the Year and one of the builders of pickleball in Alberta.

  • Pickleball Alberta welcomes The Calgary Pickleball Center as an Associate Club of Pickleball Alberta!
  • Proposed Annual Provincial Fee of $20.00 for approval to set the future trajectory for Pickleball Alberta.
  • Provincials and Nationals with wrap up along with club and provincial statistics.
  • Of the Year Award winners for 2022 announced.
  • Three major tournaments in August have 100% matches refereed!
  • Power Rankings for Mens and Womens Open division!
  • Juniors have incredible showing at Provincial Championship!
  • Special Olympics program wraps up at the Edmonton Pickleball Club with insight on how it went and moving forward.


July 2023

FAC: Leslie Srogen

Leslie is a mentor, coach, and one of the early builders of pickleball in Alberta.

  • The 7th Annual Pickleball Alberta Provincials in Red Deer, August 10-13! 
  • Pickleball Alberta membership hits the 9,000 mark!
  • Pickleball Alberta Junior Jamboree roaring success!
  • Power Rankings for Mens and Womens 50+ division are up!
  • NCCP Coaching Clinics for Level I and Level II NCCP.
  • Officiating – what you need to know about your paddle “before” a tournament.
  • Special Olympics program wraps up for the summer with incredible success across Alberta
  • Pickleball Alberta AGM – Annual General Meeting set for Sunday, September 24, 2023 at 1:00 PM MST.
  • Annual Provincial Fee Increase for Pickleball Alberta approved by Board for 2023 and to be brought forward at AGM for sustainability of the association.
  • Major overhaul at the Board of Pickleball Canada with nine new members and President.

June 2023

FAC: Haddow Thul

Haddow is the Vice President of Pickleball Alberta and one of the top-ranked Open players in Alberta who will be competing in the newly formed Canadian National Pickleball League.

  • Pickleball Alberta Day HUGE success with clubs across the province!
  • Power Rankings for Mens and Womens Open and 60+ divisions are up!
  • NCCP Coaching Clinics underway for Level I and Level II NCCP.
  • Pickleball Alberta Junior Jamboree registration filling up!
  • Officiating Clinics completed across Alberta.
  • Western Director Doug Fogg resigns from Board of Pickleball Canada.
  • Pickleball Canada AGM June 28th and the future direction of our game needs your vote!
  • Four top Alberta candidates running for Pickleball Canada Board of Directors to make a difference.
  • Match Point:  PCO Bylaws proposal crushed with the largest number of votes ever cast at Pickleball Canada and I answer the question “Why do you do all this?”

May 2023

FAC: Sean McCartan

Sean is a senior professional pickleball player and Station Captain of the Londonderry Fire Department who has recently been on the front lines fighting the wildfires in the north.

  • Welcome to our newly Affiliated Club the Heritage Society of the Village of Seba Beach!
  • Pickleball Alberta Day is tomorrow, June 3rd with a treasurer chest of prizes available to participating Affiliated Clubs!
  • New NCCP Coaching Clinic dates announced for Level and Level II NCCP coaching certification.
  • Pickleball Alberta Junior paddles now on sale!
  • Pickleball Alberta Junior Jamboree registration Open!
  • Officiating Clinics completed across Alberta.
  • Pickleball Alberta jackets for sale while supplies last.
  • Match Point:  Bylaws voting process update and do your part for the future of our game, be informed, and VOTE!

April 2023

FAC: Ava Weeks

Ava is the top-ranked junior female player in Alberta, winning tournaments throughout the province.

  • Important information coming from PA Board to members regarding proposed PC Bylaws.
  • Membership up 25% over the same time last year!
  • Coaches from across Alberta receive inaugural Level II NCCP coaching certifications.
  • Pickleball Alberta Junior paddles coming in this month!
  • Pickleball Alberta Provincials registration opens May 10!
  • The new scoring format, Rally Scoring being used by professional leagues, explained.
  • Pickleball Alberta jackets for sale while supplies last.
  • Match Point Do your part for the future of our game, be informed, and VOTE!

March 2023

FAC: Dean Edwards

Dean is a builder for pickleball in Alberta as the Charter and current President of the Camrose Pickleball Club, one of the first to join PA.

  • Pickleball Alberta PATV YouTube Channel popularity grows and gets a graphic facelift
  • Where in the World Pickleball Alberta jacket contest is underway!
  • Level II NCCP course put on by the Tennis Professional Association a big success.
  • Pickleball Alberta Junior Jamboree set for July 22 at EVPC!
  • Alison Ramsley comes onto the PA Board of Directors as the new Director of Technology.
  • Initial Pickleball Alberta Provincials details released.
  • Pickleball Alberta jackets for sale while supplies last.
  • Match Point: Pickleball Alberta to best practices model to now follow others.

February 2023

FAC: Rob Cundy

Rob is a pioneer for pickleball in Alberta, introducing pickleball to the deaf community in Alberta and across North America.

  • National Funding and Recognition not happening in the next phase.
  • Alberta Sports Hall of Fame does recognize pickleball!
  • “Where in the World” Pickleball Alberta jacket contest is underway!
  • Level II NCCP courses, dates, and locations announced for Okotoks and Edmonton.
  • Pickleball Alberta jackets shipment is in and are again on sale.
  • Next order of Junior Pickleball Alberta paddles to arrive in May. 
  • National Bylaws Being Revamped. They are dry but are so important when important actions and decisions have to be made.

January 2023

FAC: Linda Dane

Linda is a pioneer for pickleball in Alberta, helping to start up many clubs, including some of the largest in the province.

  • The Legacy Project with the Pickleball Alberta history is launched.
  • The Shot of the Month contest is underway!
  • Teach the Teacher initiative soft launched in southern Alberta!
  • Level II NCCP courses dates and locations announced.
  • Alberta Pickleball Day is set for June 3rd!
  • New rule changes listed and referee reimbursement schedule for 2023
  • Shot Statistics from recent PPA Tour Event.
  • Goal setting for your pickleball participation 2023.

December 2022

Year in Review

Pickleball Alberta looks back at the events, tournaments, initiatives, and story lines that shaped our year.

  • Pickleball Alberta welcomes affiliating clubs Carstairs Pickleball Club and Chestermere Pickleball Club.
  • Month-by-Month highlights for the year 2022.
  • Pickleball Alberta ends year with 8,526 members, an increase of 41% for 2022!
  • Total clubs affiliating with Pickleball Alberta grows to 38, an increase of 13 for 2022!
  • Year End Listing of Alberta Referees who have leveled up.
  • Year End Listing of Alberta NCCP Coaches who have leveled up.
  • Season End Power Rankings listed for all Age Divisions.

November 2022

FAC: Tony Tighe

Past President of the Calgary Pickleball Club with 2,300 members, one of the largest pickleball clubs in North America.  

  • Pickleball Alberta welcomes the Edmonton Volleyball and Pickleball Center (EVPC) as the first affiliating Associate Organization
  • Pickleball Alberta announces Red Deer Pickleball Club to host 2023 Provincial Championships. 
  • Pickleball Alberta to start work with Special Olympics.
  • Pickleball Canada announces 2023 Major Championships Hosts and Dates.
  • Membership database to permanently delete PA members who have not renewed since 04-30-2020.
  • Power Rankings for Juniors.

October 2022

FAC: George Oko

Founding member of Westlock Pickleball Club, tournament organizer, and one of the early pioneers of pickleball in Alberta.

  • Pickleball Alberta welcomes the Northern Lights Pickleball Club (Calgary) and the Lacombe Pickleball Peeps! 
  • Membership hits 8000
  • All back issues of Around the Post newsletter are now available on the PA website.
  • Pickleball Alberta Legacy/History Project underway for website.
  • Subscribe to PATV YouTube channel to help PA receive advertising dollars.
  • Power Rankings for the 65+ Division for Mens and Ladies.

September 2022

FAC: Doug Fogg

Past Director of the Edmonton Pickleball Club, past Pickleball Alberta Vice President, and current Director of Pickleball Canada.

  • Pickleball Alberta welcomes the Richmond Green Pickleball and Social Club, the Tees Pickleball Club, and the Westlock Pickleball Club
  • AGM held virtually on September 25
  • New Board members elected and brought in for 2022-2023
  • Provincial membership fee increase voted down for 2023
  • Power Rankings for the 60+ Division

August 2022

FAC: Brenda Feser

Brenda is the Junior Director for Pickleball Alberta and Past President of Red Deer Pickleball Club.

  • PA Junior Jamboree big success with large enrollment 
  • Provincial membership fee increase being vetted for 2023
  • All 1,600 matches for Red Deer and Parkland have Certified and Accredited referees
  • Power Rankings for the 50+ Division

July 2022

FAC: Lisa Loveless

Vice President and junior leader of the Grande Prairie Pickleball Club.

  • Provincials hosted by Medicine Hat resounding success!
  • Membership hits 7000
  • Pickleball Alberta sets another national first with Of the Year awards handed out
  • PA TV is branded on YouTube with live streaming and event videos
  • Power Rankings: Open Mens and Ladies

June 2022

FAC: Gordon Masson

First year President of the Medicine Hat Pickleball Club and top 70+ competitive player.

  • Welcome Bow Valley Pickleball Club
  • Pickleball Alberta Day Big Success 
  • NCCP Level I Learn to Play certification clinics scheduled
  • Seven Alberta Schools receive Pickleball Alberta School Grant
  • Alberta 55+ Games hosted by Mighty Peace Pickleball Club
  • Power Rankings paused for Provincials play

May 2022

FAC: Daryl Newman

Member of Red Deer Pickleball Club; 6000th Pickleball Alberta member.

  • Welcome Sundre Pickleball Association
  • Membership hits 6000
  • Pickleball Alberta Day June 11
  • Power Rankings: 65+ and Juniors

April 2022

FAC: Garand Jones

Club President, Pickleball Alberta Director, Referee of over 1300 games.

  • Welcome Elk Island Pickleball Club
  • 2022 Provincials
  • New Pickleball Alberta website launches
  • Power Rankings: 60+ Mens and Ladies

March 2022

FAC: Brenda Lea MacPhail

Tournament Director, 2022 Alberta Provincials.

  • Welcome Fort Saskatchewan Pickleball Club
  • Club President’s Season-Kick-Off Conference
  • Of-the-Year Awards
  • Power Rankings: 50+ Mens and Ladies

February 2022

FAC: Ernesto Fajardo

The recognized #2 player in Canada.

  • Welcome Yellowhead West Pickleball Club
  • Coaching Working Group Formed
  • Officials Clinics
  • Power Rankings: Open Division and Juniors

January 2022

FAC: Ted Sherback

Steward of Pickleball Canada’s insurance  program and long-serving PC Director.

  • Junior Training Equipment Grant
  • Club Competitions
  • Volunteer Needed for Grant Applications
  • Power Rankings: 65+ and Juniors

December 2021

FAC: Ilsa Wong

Director of Coaching, Pickleball Alberta.

  • Junior Pickleball
  • Coaching
  • Renewing Your Membership
  • Power Rankings: 60+

November 2021

FAC: Kim Layton and Brad Chapman

Top Male and Female players in Alberta.

  • NCCP Coaching Program being rolled out with Coaching Training Sessions happening across Alberta 
  • Membership hits 5000
  • 2022 Nationals: Pickleball Canada announced for Kingston Pickleball Club
  • Membership shown by Sport Zone and Club
  • Power Rankings: For first time rank top 50+

October 2021

FAC: Brian and Julie Sribney

Spruce Grove volunteer-power-couple who have played a major role in the success of the Pickleball Alberta officiating program.

  • President Kirk visits with the Quebec Pickleball Federation in Montreal
  • Winner of Top Sport Zones Contest Announced
  • Pickleball Alberta AGM sees new bylaws passed and directors elected
  • Youth survey coming to clubs 
  • Medal Results charted by Club and Sport Zone
  • Power Rankings: OPEN Division

September 2021

FAC: Benn Gibb and Rafe Prince

Two up and coming Alberta youth players who won gold medals in the Youth Doubles Divisions at both the Provincials and Nationals.

  • Recap of incredible Nationals hosted by Red Deer
  • AHS Guidance lifted for events
  • Introducing the 8 Sport Zones as determined by Alberta Sport
  • Two of our finest our heading to Atlantic Canada this fall to share their expertise
  • AGM will be virtual event on September 28
  • Power Rankings: Open Mens and Ladies

August 2021

FAC: Marcel Letourneau

Vice President and Tournament Director of the Parkland Pickleheads, the host of the 2021 Provincials.

  • Provincials big success with over 300 competitors
  • Claudine Lemieux from Camrose interviewed by CBC Radio
  • YouTube channel setup for livestreaming Provincials
  • Pickleball Alberta Night set for Nationals
  • Power Rankings: Open Mens and Ladies

July 2021

FAC: Wanda Lazar

Passionate volunteer making an impact for the Medicine Hat Pickleball Club.

  • Leadership changes with Kirk chooses to continue as PA President and leave PCO Presidency
  • Officiating clinics happening across Alberta
  • Virtual social media tours continue across Alberta
  • Power Rankings: Open Mens and Ladies

June 2021

Kirk Jensen President PCO

The first newsletter was sent by PCO President to the entire Canadian membership through PCNS.

  • Path to Sport Eligibility
  • PCNS successfully launched in 10 provinces and territories 
  • NCCP Coaching Program moving ahead
  • Junior Program major focus
  • 2021 Nationals Announced for Red Deer
  • Club Emergency Action Plan

May 2021

FAC: Mike Cooper

Founding Director of Pickleball Alberta, Past Director of Pickleball Canada, highly regarded coach and National and Provincial champion at the 5.0 level.

  • Alberta launches the PCO National System 
  • Canadian Tournament Player Rating introduced
  • Pickleball Alberta has awarded the Parkland Pickleheads to host the 2021
  • Power Rankings Paused for Major Championships

April 2021

FAC: Judy Bohn

Barrhead Treasurer and Builder.

  • Pickleball Canada is launching a youth program.

  • Membership hits 4000
  • Pickleball Canada National Championships registration to reopen April 15

  • Officiating clinics well underway in Alberta

  • Power Rankings paused.

February 2021

FAC: Blair Morton

PA Technology.

  • National System rolling out with Kirk Jensen chairing the project

  • Beverley, Blair, and their team set Alberta to roll out on June 1

  • Level 1 Referees recognized

  • PCO Membership fees are being raised to $10.00

December 2020

  • President’s Holiday Message
  • 2021 Rule Changes

September 2020

  • 2020-2021 Board of Directors elected at AGM
  • Pickleball Alberta’s Year in Review

July-August 2020

FAC: Brady Hurshowy

Alberta’s Youngest Competitive Player.

  • Completing our Strategic Plan
  • National Cert. Coaching Program
  • Goal: 100 Certified Referees

June 2020

FAC: Marcel Latouche

Builder, Strategic Plan Consultant and Leader.

  • Pickleball Alberta Vision
  • Pickleball Canada AGM and Elections
  • New Outdoor Courts in Alberta

May 2020

FAC: Val and Gene Vollmin

Gene: Tournament Chair for 2021 Canadian Nationals.

Val: Past President Red Deer Pickleball Club and 6th President of Pickleball Canada (2016-2017).

  • Red Deer Pickleball Club Awarded 2021 Nationals
  • Kirk Jensen Appointed to Pickleball Canada Board

April 2020

FAC: Beverley Walker

Founder and Charter President (2016-2019) of Pickleball Alberta and founding member of Calgary Pickleball Club.

  • Red Deer Pickleball Club Applying for 2021 Nationals
  • Canadian Officiating Standards Set
  • Competitions Cancelled

March 2020

FAC: Abed Dergham

ICU Nurse in COVID Intensive Care; Founding member of Edmonton PC.

  • Welcome Lethbridge Pickleball Club
  • Steve Deakin Appointed Pickleball Canada Ambassador

February 2020

FAC: Cookie Drake

Elite Player and Builder.

  • New Pickleball Alberta logo unveiled
  • Pickleball Canada Policies and Guidelines
  • Competitions
  • Power Rankings: Men’s and Women’s Doubles

January 2020

FAC: Doug Thompson

7th President of Pickleball Canada (2018-2019).

  • Power Rankings: Men’s and Women’s Doubles
  • 2020 Memberships
  • Clinics and Competitions

December 2019

FAC: Ed Neuman

Brought Pickleball to Alberta.

  • Central Lions 10-Year Anniversary
  • Calgary Pickleball Club Clinics
  • Competitions

November 2019

  • Members Elected to Pickleball Alberta Board
  • Pickleball Canada Selecting Provider for National System
  • PC Investigating Alternative Official Ratings

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