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What is PCNS?

The Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS) is an online system used by Pickleball Canada, Pickleball Alberta, other provincial/territorial pickleball organizations, and their affiliated clubs across Canada.

It is used to manage memberships in these organizations, to communicate with members by email, to manage events, and to sell goods and services online. Optionally, clubs can also set up a simple website on PCNS.

Considering Affiliation?

If your club is considering affiliation with Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada, ask us to give you a demo of PCNS. You’ll likely find the benefits of using it to register and track members, communicate with members, and process membership payments are more than enough, on their own, to warrant affiliation. Contact for a no-obligation, free demo.

Pickleball Alberta is affiliated with Pickleball Canada. Clubs can become affiliated with Pickleball Alberta by completing the Affiliation Agreement.

For clubs setting up, or already using PCNS, here are some helpful resources:

Administer Your Club on PCNS

Pickleball Alberta is here to help your club get set up on PCNS, provides online training in an easy one-hour Zoom meeting, and provides ongoing support for your club’s ongoing use of PCNS.

Besides the above support, PCNS also has short videos to help get you started with:

Accessing Support Material

To access this support material, log in to PCNS, go to your Overview page, and select “Support Resources.”

For an in-depth look at emailing members, here’s a webinar on it.

Have a question?

> A small fee is added to each payment made through PCNS. This fee covers both the system’s development and maintenance and the credit card payment processing fee. This fee is 50 cents per transaction plus 4.9% of the dollar value. GST is applied to this processing fee.

> There is also a small fee of $1.25 for each transfer of funds from PCNS to a club bank account.

> In addition, clubs with 201 to 500 members pay $100 per year and clubs with over 500 members pay $200 per year to fund future systems developments and major enhancements. Pickleball Alberta also pays Pickleball Canada $3000 per year for future systems development.

> Ask for a PCNS demo from (1 hour zoom session)

> Have your club sign an Affiliation Agreement with Pickleball Alberta (15 minutes)

> Work with Pickleball Alberta to get setup on PCNS (60 minutes)

> Communicate with your members, asking them to register and renew with your club on PCNS. (15 minutes) See also the above-referenced PCNS Guide for Alberta for more details.

Yes. In fact, most clubs find that the insurance provided by Pickleball Canada is one of the most compelling reasons to become affiliated. These clubs are often required, by the facilities they rent or use, to have and demonstrate insurance coverage. This coverage is available at no extra charge to affiliated clubs and their members. Additional information on this can be found here. 

> If you are a member of an affiliated club using PCNS, contact the membership manager or PCNS administrator for your club.

> If you are a PCNS club administrator or a club considering the use of PCNS, contact 

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