A player rating is a measure of a player’s skills and gameplay relative to others while meeting the skill requirements of rated levels.

Having a rating system enables clubs to organize some play so that players of comparable skill can play together, which can boost fun — who doesn’t like a close game? 

In addition to facilitating some recreational play, ratings may be used to determine a player’s skill level for tournament entry and club league play. 

For more information on the three common methods of providing players with a skill level rating, see the link below!

The most objective rating is a player’s Canadian Tournament Player Rating (CTPR), as it is based on their actual scores played in sanctioned tournaments against other rated players. To find a player’s CTPR, go to Pickleball Brackets, then use the Club menu to go to the Pickleball Canada Organization club. Open that club, select the Members menu and search for the player by their last name.

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