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PC Nationals 2021
Junior Men's Doubles

Ben: It was lots of fun to compete. It gave me a great opportunity to meet other players and learn from the experience. I got to see lots of good players and it motivated me to improve.
Rafe: To be honest I don’t really feel like a National Champion. I just like playing Pickleball.

Ben: Rafe and I live close to each other and have been good friends for a long time so we were lucky to be able to play lots together. We took a few training courses together which also helped us learn the sport better.
Rafe: We played almost everyday, we couldn’t get enough.

Ben: I look forward to playing more and getting better. I know I will need to improve if I want to be competitive in the future.
Brady: I plan on playing more over the winter and lots more in the summer. I will play in a lot more tournaments throughout the following years.

Ben: I play high school basketball and volleyball. I love wakeboarding, snowboarding and mountain biking.
Rafe: Volleyball, Basketball.
Brady: I enjoy playing volleyball, basketball, and many other sports in my free time.
Suggestions for Pickleball Alberta
Rafe: It would be great to get more Youth involved.

Brady: Find a friend option on the registering website helped me find John. I put down my name for needing a partner and John chose me to be his.

Brady: John and I met for the first time, a few days before we played in the Junior Men’s group. We played a lot in the few days before to practice for our games.

Brady: The most special thing about the whole experience was to meet many new pickleball players around my age group and to watch the amazing players from all across the country.

PC Nationals 2021 Mixed Doubles Age 10-34

Ben: I was lucky that my Aunt Lauren Evans who plays introduced me to her niece who also loved to play.

Ben: Dior lives in Calgary and I am in Edmonton but we were able to meet a few times and play.

Pickleball Alberta Provincials 2021 Junior Men's Doubles

The Pickleball Alberta Provincials 2021 were hosted in Spruce Grove by the Parkland Pickleheads.

Steve Deakin says,
"Kids need more pickleball!"

Fast facts about Steve

Pickleball Canada Nationals 2021 Men's Doubles Open

Pickleball Alberta congratulates tournament winners in Red Deer. Flanking the winners are:

  • Kirk Jensen, President Pickleball Alberta, and
  • Beverley Walker, Past President Pickleball Alberta

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