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At the 2023 Pickleball Alberta Provincials hosted by the Red Deer Pickleball Club in July, Pickleball Alberta presented the Of the Year Awards for 2022.

We are proud to announce the above winners for their outstanding accomplishments.  Congratulations to all the winners for their passion, commitment, and dedication for the game of pickleball, at their club, community, and for our province.

Alberta is home to some of the finest players at every level in the sport of pickleball. Our PA TV YouTube channel encompasses streams, matches, and highlights from some of the top players!

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2023 AGM - September 24, 2023 at 1:00 PM MST

Board of Director positions are open for election at the upcoming PA Annual General Meeting

Pickleball Alberta has a dynamic Board that is seen across Canada as a leader in provincial programs, events, and initiatives. We are looking for individuals who will compliment the team and add their skills and ideas to the growth, success and benefit of our members and clubs. We are seeking individuals who are passionate about pickleball, who want to make a difference and be part of a results-oriented team.

Sunday, September 24, 2023. Directors to the Board are elected for a two-year term and though we are attempting to move towards a governing board, these positions are considered at this time ‘working’ positions. Directors will have a portfolio that may require up to three to four hours per week to proactively carry out. Some portfolios have seasonal workload fluctuations. Others may require liaising with Pickleball Canada representatives and committees.

There are seven Directors and four Officers on the Board. Four individuals are completing the second year of their elected term. Some of these directors have completed their term(s) and will be stepping down, and some are putting forward their name for re-election. The positions which are open for election are: President, Vice President, Director of Competitions and Secretary.

For more information about becoming an Officer or Director on the PA Board, contact a member of the 2023 PA Nominations Committee:

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