Junior Memberships

Why play pickleball?

Because it is FUN! It’s fun to laugh with friends and interact with others, it’s fun to learn, it feels good to be active, and it feels great to make a great play or have a close game. 

Pickleball is easy to learn and you can improve quickly!

How do I get started?

Take a free beginner’s lesson from a club listed below and join a local club to play and develop your skills. Get your friends to join too!

Para players welcome!

Para junior athletes are invited to reach out if you are interested in learning the sport of pickleball.

Bob Philip, President of Red Deer Pickleball Club, is an able-bodied pickleball player and is shown trying out a sports chair at the Try It Event hosted by the club in July 2021.

The RDPC has recently received a Community Recreation Enhancement Grant from the City of Red Deer enabling the club to purchase a sport chair for use at the Red Deer Pickleball Courts at Motorworks Field.

Contact or a pickleball club near you!

How do I join?

In most cases, you can join a local club, Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada all at once by going here, picking the club, and completing your registration.

Below are the affiliated clubs in Alberta that currently offer a junior/youth membership. Click on the club name to go to see what they offer. At their website, click on their Membership Menu or the Join/Renew button to register.

PC Junior Categories

Pickleball Canada has categorized junior pickleball players by age as follows. 

Organizers should consider grouping juniors based on the age brackets below. 

All ages are as of December 31 of the 
current year.

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