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Why is Pickleball Addictive?

Most pickleball clubs start out as a small group of people who want to play together, enjoy some physical activity, and have a few laughs. Before long, whether of junior age or senior, these people are addicted to the sport. Why is that?


Well, certainly, everyone finds their enjoyment grows as they become more proficient in the sport.

Yes, it is also heart-warming to be able to walk the aisle between courts, enjoy the sunshine, catch up with friends, and greet dozens of fellow players by name.

And after playing a few dozen times, you may notice a greater spring in your step. You feel better. There’s a definite happiness that accompanies both casual and vigorous exercise.

Zest for Life

Yes, pickleball may be the best way to enjoy life, to feel alive, to catch and keep a joie de vivre – a zest for life. No wonder it is so addictive.

If you don’t want to get hooked, don’t take that first free, fun pickleball lesson. That is the gateway to this addictive pursuit. But if you are looking for something else in your life, you’ve likely just found it.

Check out the tips and helpful information below.

How to Get Started

  • Well, call a friend who plays or find a club in your area that offers a free beginner lesson.

  • Take that first lesson or play that first game.

  • Watch a few videos on simple rules and beginner play.

  • Ready to feed that addiction further?

    Join a club. See our list of affiliated clubs by Alberta zone here.

  • No club in your area?

    Start a club -- contact Pickleball Alberta to be connected with volunteers experienced in club development and management.

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