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Are you wanting to join an Affiliated Club or renew your memberships with one or more clubs?

 Check out the tips and helpful information below.

Joining a Club - New Member

When you join a club affiliated with Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada, you automatically join all these organizations at once, using one registration form and making one payment for all. 

The St. Albert Pickleball Club is an exception to this as noted here.

To join an Affiliated Club, follow these steps

Joining a Second Club

After joining and paying the membership fee for your first club, you will immediately be given the option to join a second club. You will not have to pay for a second PA or PC membership, but will have to make a separate payment for the second club’s membership.

If you wish to join a second club later, you can do so using either steps 1 and 3, or steps 2 and 3 below:

Renewing Your Membership

If you have been a member of any affiliated club within the last two years, you still have a membership record in our combined club-provincial-national membership system (PCNS). In this case, it is important that you renew your membership, rather than joining as a new member.

The steps for renewing are generally the same as for joining, except you should:

Don't Have a Club Near You? Join the Pickleball Alberta's V-Club!

V-Club AB appears at the top of the list of club at this page. This may be selected if you wish to join Pickleball Alberta (PA) without joining any affiliated Alberta club. Please do NOT use this option if you are joining any other affiliated Alberta club. V-Club is a virtual club, intended only to facilitate membership in PA.

V-Club has no organized play or other operations, but it does provide membership in PA and Pickleball Canada, enabling members to qualify for some tournaments in Alberta, to be covered by sport injury insurance, and to have their sanctioned tournament results count towards their Canadian Tournament Player Rating (CTPR).

Membership Timelines

All Affiliated Clubs have a standard membership year of January 1 to December 31. New members can join most clubs as early as October 1 of any year to enjoy a membership good to the end of the subsequent calendar year. Members can also typically renew as early as October 1 for the subsequent membership year. Memberships lapse or expire if not renewed by January 1.


Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Alberta have a no refund policy, due to the low fees involved and the inordinate manual effort required to process and account for refunds. Our automated membership system is designed to streamline membership management so valuable volunteer resource time can be focused on initiatives that advance the enjoyment and the sport of pickleball.

Fees are also not prorated throughout the year, though there is an early (October 1) joining bonus as mentioned under Membership Timelines.


As a club member, I need help with PCNS

> Go to  

> Login 

> Select View My Registrations 

> to see your profile, click the head and shoulders icon in front of your latest membership registration 

> to edit your profile, click the blue pencil

> Go to  

> Press the Login link 

> Press the Forgot? link and follow instructions to reset your password

The membership card can be accessed from your Overview page, from your My Registrations page, or from your My Profile page. In all cases, you must log in first, then go to the page indicated below. 

> On the Overview page, click the Membership Card link in the Pickleball Canada membership box, then print or download the generate.php file. 

> On the My Registration page, click the green Membership Card button at the top, click Membership card again on the next panel, then print or download the generate.php file. 

> On the My Profile panel, click the Membership Card link on the left side of the panel, then print or download the genrate.php file.

> Access your profile as described above 

> Click the head and shoulders icon in front of your latest membership registration 

> In the pop-up box, click one of the grey house icons in front of a club to turn it green (green house = home club)

Pickleball Alberta can now merge duplicate member records. Contact and request that your records be merged. Cite your first and last name and, if you know them, your PC membership record numbers.

Yes, here it is! Members can join or renew with Pickleball Alberta and their affiliated clubs through this page. Read the information on that page then press the Register button at the top.

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