Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada memberships are fully linked


Annual membership fees of $5 for Pickleball Alberta (PA) plus $5 for Pickleball Canada (PC) are collected by PA (total $10).  The membership year is May 1st to April 30th.  Note that the total annual membership fee is not prorated for partial membership years.


Clubs in Alberta who are members of PA / PC collect the membership fees along with any membership fees for their club and remit them to PA along with member information.


Players who join more than one club should only pay the annual $10 PA / PC fee once – preferably to their designated home club.  Players should inform clubs if they hold memberships in other Alberta clubs.  The PA Membership Director may be contacted to verify player memberships at


PC emails a membership card to every member when they join or renew their membership.  Members have access to their online profile.



Steps for Clubs at Annual Renewal and During the Year


1. Use the Pickleball Alberta Member Template to compile your list of members and required information Pickleball Alberta Member Template v1.01 

2. Submit the completed template by May 1st to and pay the associated membership fees by Interac eTransfer to Cheques are accepted although they may delay the membership process. Clubs may check with the PA Membership Director if there are any multiyear memberships in the club or to verify membership in other clubs. Clubs will be provided a list of players with multi-year PC memberships each February in preparation for the annual membership renewal.

3. During the year clubs submit new member information frequently to ensure PC membership is activated for their new members in a timely manner. Use a separate Pickleball Alberta Member Template for each submission.  Each time PA receives new members, the Membership Director will update a composite membership list and send it to the club.



Steps for Individuals Who Don’t Belong to a Pickleball Club


1. Complete the Pickleball Alberta online membership form [PENDING] or email

2. Send the $10 annual membership fee by Interac eTransfer to

3. Pickleball Canada will email your membership number and card directly.


Questions? Contact our Membership Director





1. Hold a meeting to determine a President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer; decide on the number of Directors.


2. Select a name for your club (e.g., Red Deer Pickleball Club)


3. Set the annual membership fee for your club including $5 for Pickleball Alberta and $5 for Pickleball Canada (e.g., $25)


4. Prepare a Membership Form (example here)


5. Open a bank account with two signing authorities


6. Collect membership forms and fees; deposit fees


7. Submit the information on the PA Club Membership Spreadsheet (link to spreadsheet) to


8. Start a Facebook, Web Page, and/or Twitter for your club


9. Decide if you want to incorporate as a not for profit society.