Clubs can join Pickleball Alberta on behalf of all their members – it’s easy!


The club submits the annual membership fee and information for each of it’s members to Pickleball Alberta. Pickleball Alberta retains a record of all members in Alberta, assigns a Pickleball Canada number for new members then forwards information and payment to Pickleball Canada.  Pickleball Canada emails members directly with their PCO number.


Three steps for Clubs:


1. Club collects their annual membership fee which includes $10 per member – $5 for Pickleball Alberta plus $5 for Pickleball Canada.

2. Club collects information required from each member by Pickleball Alberta as part of the application and renewal process

3. Club completes the Pickleball Alberta Membership Information form (Excel spreadsheet) and emails to Payment of fees may be made using Paypal


Questions? Contact our Membership Director


Individuals who are not a member of a club who has joined Pickleball Alberta can join directly.


Complete the membership application form <link> email it to along with your annual fee of $10. Pickleball Alberta will confirm your membership number, retain your information and forward information and payment to Pickleball Canada.


Questions? Contact our Membership Director





1. Hold a meeting to determine a President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer; decide on the number of Directors.


2. Select a name for your club (e.g., Red Deer Pickleball Club)


3. Set the annual membership fee for your club including $5 for Pickleball Alberta and $5 for Pickleball Canada (e.g., $25)


4. Prepare a Membership Form (example here)


5. Open a bank account with two signing authorities


6. Collect membership forms and fees; deposit fees


7. Submit the information on the PA Club Membership Spreadsheet (link to spreadsheet) to


8. Start a Facebook, Web Page, and/or Twitter for your club


9. Decide if you want to incorporate as a not for profit society.