Best Practices – Edmonton and Area Review

Best Practices – Edmonton and Area Review

Recently the St Albert Pickleball Club (SAP) initiated a “Best Practices” meeting with four near-by clubs.  The goal was to share best practices as well as challenges.  The meeting was attended by SAP, Edmonton Pickleball Club (EPC), Parkland Pickleheads and Srathcona County Pickleball Association (SPCA).

Gary Marcellus, VP for SAP reports the following highlights from this review:

  1. Youth club members are only a potential problem for SAP and SAP is the only one that has youth members wanting to join the club.
  2. EPC, Parkland Pickleheads & SCPA are basically outdoor clubs and refer members to large recreation centers to play indoors. These three clubs have new facilities that have opened over the last four months and each club was responsible for contributing to the cost of the venue.
  3. EPC arranged with the City of Edmonton for a discount of 15%-20% at City of Edmonton venues.
  4. EPC developed outdoor courts with a community league. An advantage is they do not have to keep one or two pickleball courts open for the general public.
  5. Representatives from the city of St. Albert and County of Parkland were present who are the direct liaison between the club and local government.
  6. There is no one ‘go-to’ pickleball club in Edmonton. In Edmonton pickleball is played at Recreation Centres, Seniors Centres and YMCA’s.


Contact Gary for further information about the findings or process he used to facilitate this discussion

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