Membership System for Pickleball in Alberta

Pickleball Alberta has a new centralized, on-line membership system to streamline membership processing at the club, provincial and national levels for pickleball in Alberta.

When you join an affiliated Club you are automatically a member of Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada.  The central on-line membership system also allows for individuals to belong to more than one club.

Individuals who are not members of a club in Alberta can use the on-line membership system to join Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada.

Individuals wanting to join a club should contact the club directly (see club listing below) or Pickleball Alberta.  Clubs are the primary point of contact for the majority of pickleball players in Alberta and are able to help with the membership application process.

Active Members can click here to access the Pickleball in Alberta membership system to:

  • keep their profiles current,
  • join other clubs in Alberta,
  • renew their memberships during the annual renewal period, and
  • access other system features as they are developed (stay tuned!).

To view and print your Pickleball Canada membership card go to: select ‘Member Log In’ then access My Membership Information / Other Info.

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Instructions on how to complete the new membership application form.


The following Alberta clubs are affiliated with Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Canada.  You are able to join or renew memberships with some of these clubs through the online membership system.  As some clubs are managing thier own memberships then providing membership information and fees to Pickleball Alberta, be sure to check with the club for information and assistance.

A list of clubs who have integrated their membership application and renewal administration in the online system is provided on the home page.